Jump In

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Relating to your audience via social networking is incredibly important for establishing relationships and gaining consumer insight. If you haven't already, get started!

So, you want to jump into the social media space but are not totally sure how to go about it? Not a problem! This blog post will help you figure out the who, what, why, where and when of social activity so that you can create a sound approach to getting plugged into this dynamic experience. Like most projects with which I’m involved, we start by developing a sound strategy. This strategy is something you should put on paper so that everyone connected to the project will be able to understand the project, goals and ideas of the plan. (more…)

The New World

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No matter which medium you choose, your social content will be valuable to both your brand and your consumer.

Social media has forever changed the way we communicate! Do you think that sounds radical because if you do, this post is for you? One who isn’t that familiar with the evolving digital mediums might wonder what the value is in adding it into traditional marketing. How is social media making your brand or product more valuable and relevant? (more…)

My Cup of Tea

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Each night, my wife and daughter sit down together, fire up the laptop and go on Facebook to see who’s winning the McAlister’s “Tea Town USA” contest.

A restaurant chain that wants to be known for its great-tasting iced tea, McAlister’s is promoting a contest where people across the U.S. compete for a $7,500 makeover for a local non-profit. As you can imagine, Joplin needs a lot of help in this department, so the word is spreading here. You win by voting every day and acquiring bonus points for activities such as getting the event covered by the local news or having the best entry in a photo contest. We are having fun with the kids by checking in each day and competing for the top prize for Joplin. (more…)

Be Responsible -To A Fault

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The old proverb says, “Success has many fathers, but failure is an orphan.” How true is that? One thing about our culture that drives me absolutely crazy is the rapid pace at which people attempt to flee blame. Look no further than the political arena for evidence of this. These guys steal, cheat, lie, commit adultery and betray our trust almost daily, yet nobody is at fault. They put their spin-meisters on the issue and create a bunch of excuses as to why “it” happened.

What kind of super leader are you?

The reality is that we are all going to fail at some point in time, so my question to you is which person are you when failure happens? (more…)