Here is a list of articles I have contributed to various publications including The Washington Post,, and Social Media Today. Feel free to share these articles with others—and of course I’d love to hear what you think in the comments section.

You Need a Professional Brand, No Matter Your Industry


Frappuccinos, Smartphones, And Hybrids: How Owning Terminology Helps Brands Break New Ground

                    Fast Company

Think Big: 5 Lessons Small Business Can Learn from Big Business


The $50,000 bed that revolutionized our business

Small business advice: How to capitalize on your competitor’s strenths

                    The Washington Post

Bringing Sexy Back: How LinkedIn Groups Can Revitalize Your Industry

                    Social Media Today

Trademark It!

                    Yahoo! Voices

Should You Fire Your Customers?

                    American Express OPEN Forum

5 Things Textbooks Won’t Teach You About the Interview Process

Teach Customers Why They Need A Product Before Trying to Sell It To Them

The ‘Overnight Success’ Myth Is Ruining Gen Y’s Chances Of Finding The Right Career

                    Business Insider

Awkward! The Most Uncomfortable Fact About Your Product Might Be Its Most Compelling One

Does Your Company Need A Gunslinger

                    Marketing Profs

Ensuring Your Company is More Than Your Campaign

                    B2B Marketing

How Humor Can Improve Your Marketing (And Your Love Life)

                    Business 2 Community

Shred Your Notes (and Other Lessons on Public Speaking)

                    Under 30 CEO

How Your Mattress Can Ruin Your Sex Life

                    Your Tango

Sleep Better and Have Better Sex

                    She Knows

The Advantages of a Hybrid Lifestyle: How to Find Balance in Your Life

                    The Good Men Project

How to Be an Innovative Leader in Your Company


5 Career Truths I Know Now That I Wish I’d Known Then

                    Young Entrepreneur

Throw out the pens: Why business intent should be written in pencil

                    Upstart Business Journal

How to Fire Your Customers

                    Open Forum

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  1. Mark,

    We own a specialty sleep shop in Ardmore, Ok. The local newspaper puts out a “Living Better” magazine every two or three months. They have invited me to put some articles about sleep/health in it. Would we be able to use some of your articles/blogs if we give the proper credit to you?

    Thanks for your help. Any other advise you can offer would be appreciated. I just don’t want to break any laws or not give credit where credit is due.

    Joe Maple
    All About Backs
    580-223-2040 Store
    903-267-4800 Cell

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